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Flop House

Flop House, our first fundraiser of 2008, was a huge success for our beneficiary: SF Boylesque. The boys did the performing with a huge range of sexy vaudeville-esque performances, and were so photogenic we ended up with our largest gallery to date.

For more details, check out the Flop House description. And check out Kevin's Flickr photos and well as Michael's for even more photos (log in and turn off SafeSearch to see the restricted ones).


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Welcome to Flop House, our fundraiser for SF Boylesque
Door guards
Assembling for performances
The crowd grows
Mark and Wil
Charlie's coy strip tease is first
So cute
And a kick!
Taking off more...
The derrière
Ahh, but so coy, no more than that.
A clever (and hot!) juggler
The crowd loved him
Especially when, after a goof, he punished himself by stripping off his shirt.
So talented!
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