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Frat House for the Holidays

Meet the fraternity boys who will be auctioned off for bachelor dates.

Saturday, November 17, 2007
8pm til 11pm

At the Big Gay Frat House at
630 Castro Street, San Francisco


These boys will be auctioned off for dates to help raise money for the UC Gay & Lesbian Alumni Association. Various restaurants will be donating dinners for the dates; full date packages to be announced soon.

In alphabetical order by first name...



Daniel Sanson

Daniel Sanson is an 18-year-old Florida boy. Daniel is an all American well-rounded guy. In high school Daniel was the captain of the school swim team, which his five-foot eleven physiques more than reveals. A second year political science major, there is more to Daniel than meets the eye, he also loves to cook. What does he like to cook? Well, you’ll just have to find out. But this Florida boy finds thick stubble irresistible and says that he has never had a cavity.

The dinner date with Daniel Sanson includes the fine dining experience of Masa’s, a value of $200 dollars and one of the high-end restaurants in SF. Before heading out to an amazing dinner, Daniel has planned a trip to the Mission Cliffs, an intense rock climbing experience - or, if you prefer, a nice walk through MOMA. An exciting time is going to be had with Daniel.



Eric Stone

Eric Stone is a Bay Area native, born and raised in Sacramento. At 19, Eric stands six foot two inches tall and still growing. Eric may only be a sophomore in college, but he is extremely active. Eric is studying political science and Italian at UC Berkeley. Eric is very familiar with water sports, but loves crew above all else. When Eric was in high school he was dating a boy and girl at the same time. It must have been his guitar playing skills that attracted all the potential dates to Eric. The first thing that Eric notices about a guy is his confidence.

Eric Stone has planned an active night with his potential date. Before heading to the fabulous Cirque Du Soleil, a dinner at EOS restaurant in the San Francisco’s Cole Valley is in order. Following the marvelous dinner, Eric and his date will head to the body twisting show, Cirque Du Soleil.



Richie Nguyen

Richie Nguyen is a southern boy at heart coming from Virginia to UC Berkeley. A sophomore at UC Berkeley, Richie is a declared molecular and cell biology major. At 19, Richie can kick your ass with his tae kwon do skills or woo you away with his guitar playing. Although Richie cannot cook at all, he makes up for it with his baking skills. At five foot nine, Richie may seem quite but what really attracts him to a man is the way he laughs.

The pristine environment of the Flytrap Restaurant on Folsom St will be the dinner arrangement for Richie and his date. Before the wonderful dinner at Flytrap, Richie and his date will take a trip to a museum in San Francisco. Following dinner, Richie would like to continue the night over a cup of Gelato.



Robert Lawson

Robert Lawson is a 22-year-old graduating Cal student. Robert is graduating with a degree in cognitive psychology and film studies. As a hobby, Robert likes to compose music and up keep his own personal website ( In Robert's free time he likes to go swimming, which happens to be his favorite sport. Robert finds the eyes of a man the most sensational attraction there is.

The bachelor date with Robert Lawson is being sponsored by the White Horse Bar and Inn in Oakland. Robert will be taking the date to a surprise dinner in the city and head over to a lounge after dinner for drinks and conversation.



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