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A Balls-Out Ball

How the BGFH came to host a naked rugby fundraiser

On April 15, 2006, the Big Gay Frat House hosted our inaugural fundraiser, a benefit for the San Francisco Fog rugby team to help finance their trip to New York for the third biannual Bingham Cup.

But ... rugby? None of us play rugby! Seems like a funny thing to sponsor. But it all makes sense, really.

How it came about

None of us really knew much about rugby other than, perhaps, those racy pics one finds floating around the Internet. But then Kevin's friend Philip joined the San Francisco Fog, San Francisco's team that largely (but not exclusively) consists of those traditionally underrepresented in the sport: gays and people of color. It is not strictly a gay team per se, but it was founded by gay men and is often perceived as such, so it's cool that so many straight guys in the Bay Area feel comfortable being on a "gay" team.

At Philip's invitation, Kevin went out to one of their games, and though he couldn't figure anything out, it was a lot of fun to watch. And the highlight was watching three players do a zulu and streak around the field.

A year or so later, Philip took Kevin out for drinks to get his thoughts on how the Fog could raise funds to travel to the Bingham Cup. Kevin counseled that a fundraiser focusing on the trip as a charitable cause (sending athletes on vacation, which is how it would be perceived) could never compete for donations against other worthy or popular issues like AIDS, social services, or marriage equality. No, the Fog instead needed to compete in the world of entertainment, not charitable causes, and come up with an entertaining event that would compete for dollars that might otherwise go to cinemas or theatres or bars.

Also, and most importantly, Kevin counseled Philip to exploit their biggest natural asset: namely, that they have a team of athletes who already have traditions and tendencies to get naked at the drop of a hat. If you're gonna get naked, use it to sell tickets!


The BGFH steps in

While we were still in escrow to buy the Big Gay Frat House, Tim almost whimsically inquired of Varla Jean Merman's agent what it would cost to bring her out for a charity benefit. When he discovered that she was affordable (well, affordable for a successful real estate agent), we immediately became enamored of the idea of Varla Jean Merman performing in our own house!

So we contacted Philip, and through him other members of the Fog, and before we knew it a fundraiser was born.


The Planning

Donna Sachet was one of our immediate thoughts to be a host of the event. She had a conflict at first, but lucky for us that fell through and she suddenly became available again.

Later, Kevin had the idea that Greg the Gay Sportscaster of Energy 92.7 radio would make a great co-host. After all, he really does know his sports, and he really is gay, so who better to host an event with mostly gay athletes (especially naked athletes)?

With our stars in place, the Rugby boys kicked into full gear to line up sponsors for alcohol and other big ticket items. Our fundraiser was shaping up...

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