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A Balls-Out Ball

A fundraiser for the San Francisco Fog rugby team to help finance their trip to New York to compete in the third biannual Bingham Cup.

Varla Jean Merman performing at the Balls-Out Ball fundraiserOn April 15, 2006, the Big Gay Frat House hosted our inaugural fundraiser, a benefit for the San Francisco Fog rugby team to help finance their trip to New York for the third biannual Bingham Cup.

How we came to host a fundraiser for a rugby team, a sport that none of us are directly involved in, is a bit of a story in and of itself. Nevertheless, it came to be that we organized a spectacular event that included:

  • Varla Jean Merman as our headline performer, with additional performances by Ethel Merman

  • Two spectacular emcees: Greg the Gay Sportscaster of Energy 92.7 radio and Empress Donna Sachet

  • Three well-stocked bars with quality booze

  • A VIP lounge complete with a Talisker whisky tasting bar

  • Five rugby bachelor date auctions

  • A full monty strip show by seven of the rugby boys

Ethel Merman with our co-emcees, Greg the Gay Sportscaster and Donna SachetThe set-up was complicated by the fact that major construction was still underway at the BGFH up until the Thursday before, and lots of additional renovations were still occurring up until just a few hours before the doors opened.

Rain, too, proved to be unexpectedly difficult. Who knew when we started planning in the fall of 2005 that by mid-April we'd still be in the longest stretch of rainfall in San Francisco's recorded history - more than even Noah endured? Our on-again, off-again plans to stage the performances outdoors finally had to be scrapped once and for all only three hours before the doors opened, and we instead constructed the stage in the garage, which David spent over hours and hours and hours (with very little sleep) setting up so it didn't look quite so much like a carport. (But that didn't fool Varla, nosirree.)

The rugby boys really did do the FULL montyBut cramming the guests into the garage would have been impossible. Around 75 tickets had been pre-sold before the doors opened, not counting comps, volunteer staff, and press - and dozens more were sold at the door. So we were forced to wire a simulcast upstairs for additional viewing (which we tried to do wirelessly, but the signal was too weak so we had to run and get a cable at the last minute). We also broke the performances into two sets so that more people could see it live, but this meant that the full monty boys had to strip twice. Since their performance included Varla and Ethel cutting off their jockstraps, this meant that they had to run out after the doors already opened (but before the performances) to buy more jockstraps.

In the end, the evening proved to be a tremendous success. The bachelor auction raised nearly $4,000 all by itself, and by the end of the evening the rugby team took home more than $11,000 in net profit to help finance their effort to retain the Bingham Cup.


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