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Club Cosmique Presents ... EPIPHANY!

The Epiphany party that was 14 years in the making!


The Background

In 1988 (or '89?), two lesbians from Louisiana moved to upstate New York. When Mardi Gras season came around, they were a little homesick for the carnival traditions from home, so they decided to have their own house party. They called themselves the Cosmique Krewe of Colour and, as part of the New Orleans traditions, had a king cake to select a monarch for the evening.

As Mardi Gras aficionados know, a king cake is a doughnut-shaped cake in which a small plastic baby (representing the baby Jesus) is baked inside. Early in the Mardi Gras season, whoever receives the baby is expected to throw the next house party. But in our traditions, the baby was used to select the monarch for the evening.

The next year they held the party again. By the third year, they had moved to Palo Alto, bringing their traditions to a new set of friends.

By the fourth year, Kevin was actively vying for the baby. Traditions changed, and later only core members of the krewe could seek the baby. During one stretch that lasted about five years, monarchs were elected. And during this entire time, Kevin doggedly continued to try to become king until eventually he became known as the Susan Lucci of the krewe.

In 2005 (on his birthday, no less), Kevin finally became king, fourteen years after joining the krewe, mostly because all of the other eligible candidates kindly stepped aside to allow him to take the sole piece of cake.

Epiphany marks the official beginning of the Mardi Gras season, and in our krewe, it is tradition that the reigning king or queen throw a party on or near the Feast of Epiphany (January 6th) to start things off. Some of the affairs have been quite large, elaborate, or wild - a party with fortune tellers and massage therapists in one instance, an Italian feast for another, and a bondage-themed party. Some have been very quiet (held in a local bar, in one instance). But after making a fuss to get the baby for so long, Kevin felt obligated to throw a party that would go down in the history books.

The Party Set-Up

When the boys bought the Big Gay Frat House, an obvious venue for the party emerged. After a flurry of emails to friends to line up talent, Craigslist postings to hire an unusual staff, and thousands of dollars at BevMo, Safeway, and party supply stores, the party was ready.

And what a party! The event featured:

  • Performances by fellow krewe members Trauma Flintstone (a former krewe queen) and Janet Fly (who would go on to become queen when Kevin stepped down), accompanied by Tom Shaw on the piano

  • Three open bars

  • Three bartenders

  • Three waiters

  • Five go-go boys

The Party

All the hype leading up to the party generated a lot of buzz, but given that one of Kevin's titles was the "Viscount of Virtue," most guests probably didn't really expect it would get as racy as Kevin promised.

But it did get racy - very racy. There were go-go boys, and they did strip down, more and more until a few were left without anything at all. The waiters, too, disrobed down to at least underwear, one ending up wearing just a swath of caution tape, another absolutely nothing at all. And the bartenders, too, were down to g-strings or less by the end of the night.

Over the course of the evening, well over 200 guests passed through our doors.

For more about the party, check out our own gallery or go to Flickr for a more complete set. (The tamer gallery is public, but the racier one is restricted. If you're a friend of Kevin's, he'll need to flag your account as a friend for you to see the censored pix. Just send him an email...)

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