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History of the Big Gay Frat House

Once upon a time there were three girls who went the Police Academy, and they were each assigned very hazardous duties...

...oh, wait, wrong history.

Tim and David first met in Berkeley, California in 1986, and later, after they were already roommates, met Kevin in 1987. Kevin moved in as the third roommate in 1988...

Flash forward nearly two decades. Kevin owned a run-down cottage. Tim and David owned adjoining condos. None had enough space, and decided that in a city like San Francisco, "economy of scale" was key - we needed to buy a huge place together in order to afford the size of place we wanted in the neighborhood we wanted.

We weren't really looking, though, until we stumbled across the perfect place in the virtual heart of the gayest neighborhood on the planet: San Francisco's Castro District. Before the weekend was over we had a ratified offer and were on our way...

At first we started calling it The Big Gay Frat House as a joke, a temporary name until we could settle on something more elegant. But as is often the case with such things, somehow it stuck.

More recently, in early 2007 our friend Jon bought in to become the fourth fratboy in our family.

Part of the reason why we wanted such a place was to be able to host fun parties and fundraisers. We're each involved with a variety of charitable organizations in different ways, and hosting events is a fun way to help those groups do good work. And most of all, we want to do the kind of events that you wouldn't see in your typical hotel ballroom or bar beer bust. Hence the website - our means of showing what we've done and recruiting an audience for future events. Check out what we have planned.

Our friend Sean Chapin recently directed and produced a 30-minute documentary about us called "My Big Gay Frat House." Check it out!



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