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The Big Gay Frat House

Four gay guys with a 4,000 square foot home in the heart of San Francisco's Castro District - the gayest neighborhood on the planet. Imagine the possibilities!

We've decided to open our home for periodic fundraisers supporting the community, at least one each quarter. Each of us is involved with different charities in different capacities, so it's important for us to help them do good work. But also, we want to host events that aren't just your standard run-of-the-mill "talking heads onstage." Those sorts of events are fine (in moderation), but they can be hosted anywhere. We want to do things that are different. Things you wouldn't find at the typical hotel ballroom or gay bar beer bust. Things we would be willing to pay to go to even if it wasn't for charity.

So come on in! Check out our history and what we're all about. See what we've done already, and what we're planning for the future. And if what we do sounds fun, join our free mailing list to make sure you always hear about the latest fun events at the BGFH!

David, Jon, Kevin & Tim



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